Skype 3.2.0158/163 er no klar på norsk (nn). Last ned språkfila frå:

Versjonsnotat Skype

  • feature: Added Latvian localization done by Intars Students

  • improvement: Audio calls improved

  • change: Do not accept multichats from not authorized contacts

  • change: IE plugin updated

  • change: Extras Manager updated to version

  • bugfix: CCleaner removed 2 Skype related registry entries

  • bugfix: Tray icon menu not translated during login

  • bugfix: Skype crashed on password change notification

  • bugfix: On rare occasions Skype crashed when opening options.

  • bugfix: Skype may have crashed in large multichats

  • bugfix: NTLM proxy authentication did not work

Versjonsnotat Skype

  • feature: Getting Started Wizard improvement

  • bugfix: Installer error 1603

  • bugfix: Sound setting not saved on Vista

  • bugfix: Accessibility problems with screen readers resolved

  • bugfix: Delay when playing notification sounds

  • bugfix: Incoming call is not sent to Voicemail if user rejects it

  • bugfix: On some rare cases conference call participants were muted

  • bugfix: Skype crashes sometimes when ending a call

  • bugfix: NTLM proxy authentication did not work

  • bugfix API: App2App transfers did not work as expected

  • Language files updated